Uniform Requirements

It is our privilege to honor our Creator, in our dress. While we are concerned with the development of beautiful characters, we must also be concerned with the external attire. We should desire to appear neat, clean, and wear clothing that is appropriate.

Our appearance tends to reflect our behavior, our character, and our seriousness of purpose. Only with the parent’s cooperation and understanding can we continue to maintain our high standards. Students MUST be in full uniform when they arrive on campus. Students are required to be neat and well-groomed at all times. Violation of the uniform policy will result in a call to parents to come and pick up their child or bring the proper uniform.

All students are required to wear their respective uniforms. Uniforms may be obtained from Educational Outfitters. For location and details, please click here.

Message to Parents

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Message to Students

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Standards of Dress

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Uniform Requirements 

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