Graduation Requirements

It is important that eighth grade students master all of their subjects so that they will be prepared for high school. In order to be eligible for an eighth grade diploma, a student must satisfactorily complete the basic course of study of the eighth grade.

The basic course work includes the following:
Bible Science
English Social Studies
Math Spelling

A passing score of 70% must be received in each course listed above. A student who fails up to two of these subjects may attend summer school and upon successful completion of the failed subjects can be promoted to the ninth grade. Students who fail three or more of these subjects will be retained in the eighth grade.


Highest Honor & High Honor

The student with the highest GPA in the eighth grade class will be designated as student with highest honor award. The student with the second highest GPA in the eighth grade class will be designated as student with high honor.

All grades received in the 6th-8th grades are calculated to determine cumulative GPA’s. Calculations will be carried to the hundredth place (i.e. 3.75) in determining these honors. In the event two or more persons attain the same GPA after calculating to the hundred’s place the student has to be registered at Berean Christian Junior Academy for his or her last four semesters of middle school.


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