Back to School—Back to Basics

Suffer the little children to come unto me and forbid them not, for such is the kingdom of God”. Matthew 19:14.

          Children!  Oh, Children! It’s that time of year when everyone is rushing around “to go back to school”.  Discounts abound and beckon—school supplies, uniforms, textbooks, last minute applications and acceptances, to get to the right school that ties into convenient schedules, and high quality.  What a frenzy!  Yet, what an opportunity!

          I thought of the Christian journey—we herald “Back to the Basics”, a pure and unadulterated Christianity, but we live in an age of rugged individualism of “I’ll do it my way”, as decisions flow from rational, objective frameworks, calculated by weighted options of what is best and what is not, based on what we see at the present, of inputs and processes and activity.  It is the outcome that matters.  It is the end-game that determines the present game.

          Today, I look forward to the glorious reappearing when Jesus will come, for it is that moment that determines how I might want to plan in the present for the children and myself.  It is the destination that determines the journey, for the journey means little without a goal in mind, some horizon to reach before the break of dawn.  And so, we go back to the basics today, back to the Bible truths, to a “thus saith the Lord”, for these are the signposts of the journey.  As we all go back to school, and back to the basics of our foundations, of our philosophy of who Christ is, and why He came to earth, let us remember that ‘the work of education and redemption’ it is ONE work, indivisible under God.  Our educational journey should end in a spiritual destination, for God is continually reconciling the world unto Himself.  So, then, as great as your education and learning might be, if there does not spiritual destination at the end, then the good that we do now is totally in vain. So, suffer or let the children come unto Me first, in all that they do, for this indeed is the kingdom of God.


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